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Article Index by Subject

This is the index for all the articles I have written on the subjects of the paranormal, critical thinking, and the life of a Skeptic. Responses I have gotten on specific articles may be found at the bottom of the article in question; responses in general may be found in the Reader Feedback section on the main page.

108! Articles available. Hoorah. Find out which ones are new here.


Alien Abductions, or, Things Not To Read Before Bed:

A Brief History of the "Little Gray Men" (link)
Plenty of photos, plenty of illiterates calling me names at the end. I'd start here if I were you.

The Betty and Barney Hill Superpage (link)
My original article on the Hills was so popular you must be thirsting for more

The Betty Andreasson abduction (link)
Even aliens have accepted Jesus as their personal savior?

Movie Review: Killers From Space (link)
The abductee phenomenon spelled out perfectly, before it started

The Albert Bender 'Mystery' (link)
Featuring: A bisexual alien not interested in reproduction, if you know what I mean

The Allagash Abductions (link)
Art students get more than they bargained for

The Hopkinsville Goblins (link)
The tale of interstellar jerks holding a family hostage

The Pascagoula Creatures (link)
What has a carrot for a nose, the skin of an elephant, and never existed?

The Drunkards of Ririe (link)
"I heard that drinking beer makes you stupid." "No I'm... doesn't."

Contactees (link)
People who just cannot stop worrying and love the bomb

Abductees and the End of the World (link)
According to the UFO enthusiast, humankind has dodged several thousand bullets since the 1950s...

The Cisco Grove Robot (link)
"Son, to me, a robot's just a garbagecan full of sparks."

Truman Bethurum and The Clarionites (link)
Now that I think of it, that would be an awesome band name

Stefan Michalak's Falcon Lake Incident (link)
I feel bad for the guy, but there's nothing that proves a thing about aliens in his tale

Sandra Larson's Space Mummy (link)
I think this story is from an Abbott and Costello movie

Sgt. Moody's Tale (link)
He took my advice 30 years before I gave it

A Coast-Guard Coverup (link)
Some people just don't believe in being reasonable

Octopus Keg Monsters from Space (link)

The Little Devils (link)
Agape, Satanas

Three Goofy Looking Space Monsters (link)
The Larry, Moe, and Curly of outer space

The Lost Article: The Gulf Breeze Hoax (link)
Because I want to believe

Raymond Shearer, the Martian Candidate (link)
Yeah, well, a John Drake he is not

The Tinfoil Spaceman: A Tale of Morality (link)
So much suffering over such a hilarious tale

Officer Shirmer: A Major, Classic Case (link)
Why do policemen spot UFOs so much more often than the rest of us?

Issac and the CARET Drones: A Rough Whimper of Insanity (link)
We thought it was viral marketing, but it's really something so much sadder

Jeff's Story: A Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad Story (link) (Português)
Prepare yourself, lest you weep tears from your eyes

The Simonton Pancakes: A Delicious Tale of Gentler Times (link)
I feel as though I should make a pun about your anus...

Sleep Paralysis (link)
As close as I'll ever get to an alien abduction

The Ilkley Moor Monster: More like the Unlikely Moor Monster! (link)
It's amazing what people will take as solid evidence.

Zygmund Adamski: Yet Another Person Never Kidnapped by Aliens(link)
Dude. Because of stories about space monsters, a murderer has gone uncaptured. Holy crap.

The Loveland Frogmen (link)
I wasn't sure if this belongs in Space Monsters or Crypto-Monsters. Whatever.

Peter Khoury and the Outer Space Harlots (link)
The most disgusting thing that I have ever, ever heard. Special features: Hot naked tits!

Dr. Jonathan Reed: Doughy Dingdong Murders Monster (link)
What's that, space alien? SAY THAT AGAIN! SAY IT AGAIN!


UFOs and Space People in General:

Crop Circles (link)
Bored American teens rob liquor stores or get pregnant; what do Britons do?

Cattle Mutilation (link)
Hungry bugs or surgeons from beyond the stars? You decide.

The Socorro Incident (link)
As seen on Unsolved Mysteries, but now with more curse words

The Hudson Valley Lights (link)
When they build a monument to jerks, it will be a monument to these guys

Foo Fighters (link)
I hope the band is better than the evidence that these are aliens

The 1896 Airship Flap (link)
Alien litterbugs irritate townsfolk, don't exist

UFOs and Religion (link)
Can't beat science? Give up the game and claim you've won

The Levelland Whatniks (link)
And in related news, Martian spaceships have begun landing in New Jersey...

The Ronnie Hill Photograph (link) (Espanol)
Really creepy, until you start to think about it

Bucky Nelson's UFO Convention (link)
How often have I wished for a time machine? Here's another reason

The Hessdalen Lights (link)
No, it's not a British rock band. Although, that name would kick ass...

The British Roswell: The Rendlesham Sham (link)
The British Roswell is like the American one: nonsense and exaggeration

Two Spaceships of Extreme Size (link)
From the tiny to the tremendous

Humanoid Sighting Reports 1979/1980 (link)
I just couldn't do it. Not another word.

A Hat that will Protect Your Ass: The Velostat Helmet (link)
Crazy People have some hot fans.



UFOs and Ancient History:

The Nazca Lines (link)
Alien airport reports extremely long lines at customs

Aliens in Ancient Artwork (link)
Ancient cultures: The progeny of spacemen, or lousy at drawing?

Aliens in Rennaisance Artwork (link)
What do "Klaatu Barada Nikto" and "I am the one that is" not have in common?

The Book of Ezekiel: Space Aliens? (link) (Dutch?)
The way we think of things now is not how they did 3,000 years ago

The "Baghdad Battery" (link)
It's a pot with a weird lid. Surely space aliens are involved!


Monsters, Creatures, and Things That Go Bump:

Mrs. Symmonds' Gnomes (link) (Português)
A special tribute to one of my friends' coworkers

The Flatwoods Monster (link)
Children: mind your parents, or they'll set the Flatwoods Monster on you

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon (link) (Dansk)
And in this corner, coming from and made of parts unknown...

The Dover Demon (link)
Sighted by few, believed by many

Spring Heeled Jack (link)
The phantom breast-pincher from beyond the stars

Mokole Mbembe (link)
An ugly fish does not a dinosaur make

The Chupacabra (link) (Dansk)
It's not that it couldn't exist, it's just that it doesn't

Sea Monsters That Hate Germany (link)
Creature capsizes Krauts; Krauts cap critter

Gef the Talking Mongoose, Men In Plaid, and the Acambaro Monsters (link)
Running low on ideas? Tackle three at once!

The Jersey Devil (link)
"Who would have thought that hell would be a real place, and that it'd be in New Jersey?" "Well, actually..."

The Yowie (link)
It's not that it couldn't exist. It's just that we have no evidence, only tales of lunacy

The Summer of Monsters (link)
What the ladies want, the ladies get.


Ghosts, Phantoms, Psychics, and Other Such Nonsense:

The Cottingley Fairies (link)
I believe credible witnesses. I believe them as far as I can throw them.

Nostrdamus (link)
More baloney than an Oscar-Meyer rendering plant

"The Montauk Project" (link)
With billions in Nazi gold and the world's best minds, you'd think they'd come up with a better name...

The Amityville Horror (link)
The bland truth behind the lousy film

John Edwards: Good at Spotting Marks (link)
If he really is a psychic, I'm sorry he had to hear that

James Randi's Project Alpha (link)
Arch-mage and associates accidentally foil bad science

Spontaneous Human Combustion (link)
Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Or perhaps a hoax?

The Yogic Flyers (link)
Do not try this at home, unless you have an iron codpiece handy

The Gilbert Deya Ministries (link)
Space aliens aren't the only ones that abduct people

Psychic Detectives (link)
I'd rather have the real kind. Jack Webb was too tough for this nonsense.

The Blue Sense (link)
Just in case you wanted to hear me talk more about Jack Webb

Philadelphia Bans Psychics (link)
Even Ray Charles saw that one coming

Ghost Humping (link)
Hilarious, just not very interesting


Miscellany, Folderol, and Flotsam:

Review: Dr. David Jacobs' Lecture (link)
I'm not a mobster, but if I were a space alien I'd sure act like it

Scientology (link) (Francais)(Español)
0% science, 0%percent religion, 100% terrifying

Elvis Presley: Dead or Alive? (link)
There's only room in my heart for two Kings: Elvis and Jesus

Eric Julien: The End of the World is Near! (link)
French fearmonger's fantastic fantasies flop

The Fashions of Space Men: Hilarious (link)
Aliens have been reported to appear in some stylish apparel. Get some tips here.

Phillip S. Duke, AIDS, and Aliens (link)
Stunning proof that aliens are lousy biologists, tacticians

The Devil's Footprints (link)
The Devil's in the details, but not in the countryside

The Shaver Hoax (link)
The world is not hollow; only some of the people on it are

Indigo Children (link)
Everyone wants to be proud of their children...

The Face on Mars (link)
If you think this is impressive, you should see the ass of Mars on the other side

The Destruction of the Hindenburg (link)
Der Fuhrer's flagship's fiery finale fuels foolish feelings

Email Hoaxes (link)
It all began with a 24 baud modem

Creationism and Thermodynamics (link)
Think things are bad now? Just wait

The Moon Landings Really Did Happen (link)
And if you say they didn't Buzz Aldrin may ruin your face

A .50 Caliber Controversy (link)
When the media, and not common sense, dictates the laws, I'm sure we're screwed

A Little Bit on Alternative Medicine (link)
I don't light garbage on fire and stick it any of my body's holes, and neither should you

Microsoft Hates Jews (link)
Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool's article.

Futuro: Yesterday's Home of Tomorrow (link)
They can't fly, but the young people today would say they're pretty fly

Uri Geller is a Giant Fraud (link)
And by giant, I mean that he has an unimaginable fortune

Faith vs. Bullets: Bullets Always Win (link)
Marines have more faith in bullets than the Pope has in god

Alphabiotics (link)
Like a smaller, goofier, equally creepy Scientology

Ruminations on Being a UFO Columnist and My Life:

100th Article: A Review of All of You (link)
It's taken me a long, long, long time, but I finally got around to a 100th article

How to Tell if You've Been Abducted by Aliens (link)
37 signs that you might be a chump that buys into silly lists of signs

What to do if You're Abducted by Aliens (link)
This is completely serious, good advice to take.

6 Months in Review (link)
Finals week is a good time for taking stock of your life

A Year in Review (link)
It's easy to see I've grown a little bitter

The Skeptic's Friends (link)
Links to some places I think you ought to go to

The Skeptic's Bookshelf (link)
What I read. Part warning, part recommendation. Mostly warning.

April Fool's 2005: The Scared Skeptic (link)
I've come to realize the truth

April Fool's 2006: The So-Called 'Cookie Monster' (link)
A hairy blue biped that survives on confections? Unlikely.


Articles Not Written by Me, That are of Some Interest

Will Revis: ET, God, and Monsters (link)
He hits every topic that could possibly be of interest


Most articles originally published in Drexel University's student newspaper, The Triangle. All rights reserved, etc.