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Welcome to the Miscellaneous Index!

I don't have enough money to buy a domain name for each of my interests, so this is where you can find things I want to see on the internet that are not related to the paranormal, UFOs, or my life as the Iron Skeptic. Things to look forward to: crockpot recipes, Shakespeare quotes, and diatribes on how awesome A Canticle for Liebowitz and Day of the Triffids were.


I love using my slow cooker. Some recipes and tips for use may be found on the slow cookery page. (Link)

A 30-page paper I wrote for my History of Technology class on how technology is featured in the 60s TV show The Prisoner. Warning: it's fairly pretentious, and I've recently noticed I left a few things out. (Link)

The thesis I wrote to get my minor in French while in college. The subject is French nuclear weapon testing in the pacific. If you ever wanted to hear a story about one ethnic group fucking over another one, this is the story for you. Warning: it's in French. (Link)