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Reader Feedback

All of these are genuine emails I have received from (I assume) genuine people in response to my articles. These are in no particular order, and have not been edited in anyway. Grammarians, beware. Originally, I got nothing but hatemail, but recently people have been rather kind and fairly encouraging. That makes me feel even worse that sometimes I don't reply. Time just... gets away from me, and it's hard to keep up. Anyway, thanks for the emails! Enjoy.

Aaron Sakulich YOUR A DICK HEAD

This must be 'Dick Head' of the week. I had a read and just could not work out what Mr Aaron Sakulich a senior majoring in materials science and engineering at Drexel University, was on about. Was he for the subject or agaist it? The text was full of rubbish, and anyone with half a brain in ufology would see that Mr Aaron Sakulich does not know the subject that well.

Take this:

"If you're anything like I am, you would probably be overwhelmed with disgust and outrage at seeing an article about UFOs in the science and technology section of a newspaper."

Why? You see the "disgust" is more to do with your limits Mr Aaron Sakulich, and your bias, nothing to do with the rest of the world old son. However, the final paragraph had me rolling over in laughter.

"No one is better suited to investigating UFOs than scientists, and, as a whole, no group has ever neglected the duty of their chosen livelihoods more than scientists have in refusing to treat such matters with an impartial investigation."

Author's response: Friend, here is some information that you may find helpful in the future: "dick head" is one word (dickhead) and "you are" is a contraction (you're). I hope this helps, and that you continue to enjoy my articles.

Hi there,

I used to collect paranormal books and raggy new-age paperbacks (I think I've still got Chariots of the Gods collecting dust someplace...) and one of my favorite stories was the Mad Gasser of Mattoon. I think it was mostly because of that goofy name. Yesterday (for some reason) I thought about the Gasser for the first time in about a decade, and tried to find a picture that I remembered from one of those books. Through the search I found your site, and I've been reading your articles since. I really enjoy the site, and after reading about all the psycho hate-mail you get, I figured I'd write you a letter to say so. Please keep up the good work!

- Jim Bath

From: "Causal Ocean"

Your face reminds me of either of an asshole or a cunt and you're going to be very bald by the time you're 30. I can't believe you volunarily put your picture on the internet. Damn you're a dumb looking turd...look like some inbred hillbilly.

Aaron Sakulich is simply ignorant of the facts surrounding the reality of the alien presence (AKA the "UFO issue"). He can assert that it's "all nonsense" until he's blue in the face, but the facts (which he refuses to look at, in typical debunker/skeptic style) stand in stark contrast to his assertions. After Mr. Sakulich gets his degree, I suggest he start educating himself on this, the most important subject in the history of the planet. Enlightenment starts by closing one's mouth, putting down one's pen, and opening one's eyes.

Paul Nahay
Webmaster, FUFOR

I found your UFO article very interesting. Especially  in the fact that this is a phenomenon worthy of study or investigation. I think it is important to believe that 1) we are limited by what we know and 2) that things are never what they seem.  When investigating a subject like this, the scientific community, and "skeptics" and media has much to learn about compassion and patience.  These are essential elements in this kind of investigation for it will make for better discernmet of the entire phenomena. These sightings are happening all over the world, I don't know what they are, but something is going on.  I don't believe it's hallucination, or mass hysteria that is too simplistic, arrogant and yes, easy.  Could it be something created by human need? That would be fascinating, wouldn't it?  You are right in saying that the UFO  phenomenon is first sociological phenomenon.  I agree for I  believe that it touches at the very core of our humanity.  Isn't it curious, also, how the human race has always looked to the heavens as a source of  guidance or as a frontier to conquer and dominate.  Man looks up, he doesn't look down.  Evolution is in the stars, perhaps.  And it is quite possible that we are terrified of it. Be kinder Mr. Sakulich when touching upon subjects like this.  It won't make you less intellectual or smart.  What if the scientific community decided to give this subject some serious time and consideration and the outcome is not mass hysteria, allucinations, ball lightning, or other debunker favorites? Will you be terribly dissapointed?

Pituka Heilbron
Central America


Respectfully, your article lacks accurate facts and is abundant in colorful opinion.  It starts off stating that modern UFO stories in America started in 1896.  You completely neglected to mention when more than a thousand years before 1896 UFOs were illustrated and carved into stone during the Maya Empire, Inca, and Aztek Empires.  You also fail the mention Reniassance paintings depicting in fine detail and unmistakable clarity flying saucers.   The history goes way back.  You failed to mention the fact that its a world-wide phenomena, and the almost daily occurrences of new UFO photos and videos show that it is not an isolated occurrence.  Granted, you can not proove them all to be accurate, but the preponderance of the evidence is hard to ignore. It is unfortunate that "skeptics" such as yourself pick and choose the information that suits them and fails to report other convining information that hurts your argument.  You were not objective but subjective, and thus, your article was a failure. You fail to mention the hundreds of ex-government workers in all agencies including the FAA, NASA, Astronauts, the Air Force, nuclear regulatory agency, and others who have come forward and provided testimony about the cover-up of the UFO phenomena and placed their reputations on the line because of the seriousness of the implications of the existence of UFOs. I would love to hear a response from you on these issues, hopefully you will have the time to respond to constructive critism.

Douglas Schapiro

I just read a post you made on the message board about "Credible UFO Witnesses Not Sufficient Proof..." Someone had posted it on a WebTV message
board. (I have both a WebTV and a PC.)  I am a DOCUMENTED UFO contactee. I am a senior citizen. I did not know about my contacts with  the ETs (aliens)  until just before my husband died in 1992. To make a long story short, I was set up with SO MANY UFO connections that
I could not ignore the EVIDENCE. My website is called MINDBOGGLER and the URL is:
You will find that my name at birth, where I was born, the circumstances under which I was born, and MANY other events all point to the fact that
aliens AND GOOD government people dealing with this situation do EXIST. I even have handlers and bodyguards. I have been genetically altered....race switched several times from Black to White, etc. (NOT a sun-tan and NOT a disease)

All my experiences with the aliens and the government have been positive. In fact, if it had not been for them, I would have had serious problems
after my husband died. Many people know about my situation, but probably it is not yet time for the general public to know about it. There WILL be disclosure by the government at some near-future date. They are releasing the information  GRADUALLY, so it won't be a shock to people. They will probably start with discussing microbial life (on Mars, most likely) and then work up to discussing sentient life-forms. I am a retired teacher, so I am intelligent and not "crazy".

(Mrs.) Barbara Oswell Wade

Dear Aaron Sakulich I would like to ask for permission to translate some of your articles from The Triangle to our Danish website: and newsletter Para-nyt

'Mad Gasser' story shows mental insanity

Psychics fake spirit mediums, actually money monkeys

Credible UFO Witnesses Not Sufficient Proof

Our website represents the Association of Independent Danish Skeptics, a non-profit public service network. What do you say?

Sincerely Yours,
Willy Wegner

You need an extra Blog. You are a terrific writer, and I'm looking forward to your piece on UFOs in art. You found the prize-winning piece by the Italian (woman) reporter
which presented the paintings of such objects I hope. (If not, I have the URL from Google around here someplace.) The Socorro event is considered one of the best by Jerome (Jerry) Clark, the well-known UFO writer, but it is fraught with non-alien elements, as I tried to outline. (A guy from Indiana University, an engineer there, Larry Robinson, states that the sighting was an experimental balloon craft, which when we check it out seems probable. I have his web-site if you decide to do anything on Socorro.) The Spring-Heeled Jack thing is terrific. The story competes and precedes the Mothman and other like stories that have sprung up since. Keep at it....(and ignore those death threats....people who make them are insane but not nutty enough to do anything; they're poseurs of a psychotic kind).


My name is Jon, I am the webmaster of I was forwarded an article you had written I found it very interesting. My site is all about exposing bad psychics, and I was wondering if maybe i could use you rarticle on my site, i think it would appeal to the readers we have. I cannot unfortunately offer you any money for it, as I am a poor student (lol) but i would happily give you full credit and a link to the website

Let me know

Saw your recent analysis of the Hudson Valley sightings...back around '84-85 I lived in Hoboken,NJ ... I went to the store at around 9:30 one evening when I spotted a crowd of perhaps 20 people standing on a corner looking straight up.  I did the same and saw this monstrous craft shaped like a triangle flying over the Hudson River.  It was flying over the river in a geographical area that ran parallel to uptown and downtown Manhattan, one of the most populated areas in the world.  People stood there in awe, not having a clue what it might be other than what it looked like--a giant spaceship, easily three football fields in width.  It flew up and down the river making gentle banking turns.  I watched it for at least 15 minutes.

I grew up by a small craft airport and am quite familiar with small craft planes.  At the altitude and speed that this craft flew and with the precision with which it turned, it could not have been  small craft planes. Too slow.  It had all the flashing lights that have been described elsewhere, and produced a soft humming noise. The next day I called the city desk at the New York Post and reported the sighting.

I asked if they had received other reports.  The reporter said hundreds.  Yet for the next week, nor for any time thereafter was there a story about this amazing sight-- a sight that must have been viewed by thousands.   It wasn't until a year after that I I saw a special on the Hudson Valley UFO Sightings on TV and saw my  flying triangle.  But during that time it was never a sensationalized event in the mainstream media  in the Northeast. 

Hope this helps.

I hate to break it to you, but those "troubles" that Scientologists supposedly "clear" away through their auditing sessions are far more than just shadows of past lives the way you described it .. it's WAY dumber than that.You didn't even mention Xenu:


Sometimes we just have to do things because it makes others unhappy. Let me start by saying that I think that you are a great writer, and I am always highly entertained by your subject matter. I have been reading the Skeptic for a while now, probably about year or so, and truthfully, I laugh, I cry, I applaud. I have to relate, though,I don't always agree with your brickface mentality on paranormal and extroadinary claims. Ok, I don't believe that we are being visited by UFOs, I don't have a pet Chupacabra, and I have lived in South Jersey for long enough to know that the Jersey Devil is a hoax, but lets just leave it at the fact that I am clearly more easily fooled than you. I do want to applaud you on something else: rational cynicism. It's pretty refreshing to read someone who can take the straight, logical perspective and inject some fun for once. Your typical logically skeptic view is usually delivered with a monotony that makes Ben Stein look like Don Pardo and language that would be better at home in a technicall manual. I am an avid amateur internet political and social satirist (I'd love to call myself a blogger, but I post on a bulletin board called and it's great to see someone else who enjoys putting rationality and entertainment together.

Thanks a lot,

Alex S

Chupacabra Anti-Defamation League
Office of the Prime Councilman
23555 Pineal Drive
Fnordingston, CA 93244

Dear Sir/Madam/It, or the Illustriously Omnipotent Charles Rumford, Most Pernicious Aaron Sakulich, or other non-cabbages:

In light of your recent verbal attacks on the validity of the creature(s) known as Chupacabra, let it be known that this letter will serve as written admonishment.

Any further blatant disregard of the rights of Chupacabra will result in sanctions by the Flat Earth Society, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, The International Masticatory Club and the Academic Order of the Hemlock Society.

Consider yourself warned.


His Most Anomalously Synonymous Saint Jack the Vague, Church of the FSM; Mostly Majestic Mystic of the Mushroom Kingdom; Holistic Harbinger of the Pseudorandom; Prime Councilman, Chupacabra Anti-Defamation League; High Command Chief General of the Salvation Air Force

Ordained Pope, POEE

I happened to read an article in your site on chupacabras by Aaron sakulich. He seems to dismiss the whole story as much of the so called 'scientific minded' people do. Its true that there are many contradictions with people who report them and the explanations given. But that not necessarily mean theres nothing of that sort is there. And its not confined to any particular area or country in world too. The goat sucking monster stories appears in many different parts of the world. I am from Kerala - southern state of India, and I have read reports on paper for many years of irregular incidents of the goat sucking creature. The common thing about these reports were usually no one could explain what does it. Usually people report seeing a herd of dogs with one strange looking dog like creature which seems to command other dogs. No one could catch the said creature and attacks occur though no one has investigated on these seriously. I was surprised to read a similar story in 'city times' newspaper, occured in Ajman - U.A.E, when I was there last year. And the net also is filled with stories and legends similar to this from different parts of world. So its possible to assume that theres such a species whichs unknown to science till now. Isnt it better to understand that there are so many more things that men hasnt understood in this mother earth!?


Satish P


I just got through reading your article on the Internet about the people who predict and fail concerning the end of the world and the Lord's coming. I agree with you totally in that these false prophets are constantly wrong and leading the people away from the Lord.
I know, because I was in such a cult in the 70' s and early 80' s in Tucson, Arizona.

They were heavily into the end-times and the leader ("the Prophet") had set a date for the Lord's coming for June 1981 and the end of the world for 1988. He based it on the 40 year generation starting with the restoration of Israel as a nation. They had other strange doctrines of devils such as to have nothing to do with your family if they don't believe like they do and that everything is a demon. This put you in a demonic sort of consciousness.

But, primarily, they had you living for a day in the future that would never come and you were left with nothing after forsaking all and the Lord didn't show up. You were always being driven to "get in the word", "get in the word", which was only their interpretation. And they wanted you to be full time in the ministry to get prepared for the Lord's coming. So, it was all new to me and I didn't know it was a cult, but that really what these groups are. And they carry a heavy demon of religion, etc. with them.

You can see more about what I am talking about under the heading "220 dates for the end of the world!Datesetters!" and-in-the-Arizona-Daily-Star(June-1981).



I have read your interesting article. For several years I have been trying to make sense of the Maharishi business. I have watched their satellite tv channel, which often looked to me like a 24hr propaganda. Still I do not get it. If this is all fraud, how are they able to collect all those academics, "Rajas", build those fabulous "peace palaces" and hold grandiose conferences, etc etc. If this is fraud, then it must be one of the biggest frauds of modern times. If Dr John Hagelin is willfully participating in this, abusing the whole concept of the "unified field" which was the cherished dream of Einstein, then Einstein must be turning in his grave..

with best
Issa Sarras

Hey, I just want to say thank you. Your articles are very interesting. I've been reading about paranormal phenomena, UFOs and such ever since I was a child but rarely have I found people who are willing to challange the delusions of the UFO community, who knows who's right but one thing these crackheads forget is that sceptical approach is vital. The very word sceptic has become almost a swearword which proves that most of these people do not follow the lines of scientific inquiry but rather that of religious fanaticism.
Keep up the good work!

Sincerely yours

ps. The UFO talibans should be locked up in a mental institution and the key thrown away.

Hello, Dr. Sakulich.
Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I enjoy your site. I just discovered it this morning, while ricocheting from site to site, which I think started off at Phantoms and Monsters, one of those blogs that credulously believes in everything, even things that tend to contradict one another. That's usually how all my Sunday blog surfing sessions start off, once I've exhausted all real news links. But it's refreshing to find a well-written, funny and diverse skeptical blog. I have no idea why the subjects (and beliefs thereof) of UFOs and the paranormal hold so much fascination with me and occupy so much of my time, but they do. I am looking forward to reading more and for new articles. Keep up the great work!

(If you could figure out a way to enable an RSS feed, that would be wonderful. It would allow people to see abbreviated versions of your latest posts from a reader/device. Sorry if that's too geeky, but that's how lots of blog readers read blogs).
Rich L. in Washington State

Author's Response: Sadly, my articles do not use databases, so RSS apparently would be hard to do. But, I figured, that's why I put together the 'news' page, so that people can just stop by and check every now and then? That's probably not enough, but... I try.

Hello Aaron!

Just a quick note to say I enjoy the site. While I don't always agree with you, I find what you have to say insightful and interesting (and a lot of the time damn funny.) I like to think of myself as a skeptic. I neither believe nor disbelieve in any of these phenomenon but simply try to get as much information as I can to try and make up my mind about the report. Somethings I have come to the conclusion they are likely hoaxes/mistakes. Some I think are true mysteries. I myself have seen some weird stuff I can't explain...but that just it, I personally can't explain them- that dosen't mean they weren't explainable. Anyway, I love the site, and wanted to thank you for giving me new ways of looking at cases I've been hearing about for years...and a good laugh sometimes too. Keep it up!

Sarah the Dyslexic Librarian

Hello Aaron,

I happened to find your website and I cannot but send you my best compliments. All the absurdities concocted by UFO abductees and contacteers have been a really fun reading: I think it's very important to have a site like yours where one can read all this things because if a single story may by someone be believed it's much more difficult to believe when there are dozens of such stories, of which many have been long forgotten (so they were not that big or important or proved, one may guess :)). My favourite at the moment is "Issac and the CARET drones". Ah I'd like to have the time to invent a story like Isaac's, and the drawings of the 'alien software language'.. they are simply wonderful! The only thing I've ever heard of which is even more elaborate and time-consuming is the Voynich manuscript I think. Just one question: why do you consistently spell the name as 'Issac' while it is a more normal 'Isaac' in his 'letter'? Author's response: OOPS! I didn't do that on purpose. Just a consistent typo.

Another thing I liked are the autobiographical notes inside the articles, this because I had very similar experiences. It did not take me much to get rid of the belief in gods and religions (I was atheist by the age of ten) but it took me many more years to stop 'believing' in paranormal phenomena or UFOs, and, strange as it may seem, even more to accept the fact that the speed of light is an absolute limit and that interplanetary science fiction is not a possible view of the future but, well, just fiction. I also remember very well when, in my early teens, I spent frightening waking nights after having read scaring stories (the only differences being that my readings were true horror stories, H.P. Lovecraft for the sake of precision, and I had to read them hiding from my parents because the were in my family's very big Index Librorum Prohibitorum). Thanks a lot for your good work, some lost causes are really worth to fight for!

Best regards,
Mauro Lanzini
Rezzato Italy

Hi Mr.Sakulich,

I really like how you write your articles and you shouldn't listen to the people that bad mouth them. Can't wait for your new updates. I have read some of your articles and I like the dark comedy you use. I usually laugh while reading them. JUST WANTED TO SAY: don't listen to the rude comments people make about your website. I find it very interesting and fun to read.

- A person who enjoys your website. :D

I think you should create some sort of area for donations, I enjoyed your articles and I’m sure others out there have as well. Just keep up the good writing, and thanks for the funnies. Just wanted you to get something besides blatant hate mail. Keep fighting the good fight.


Author's Repsonse: I'm flattered! But I'm doing all right, and besides, I feel like I let people down with how rarely I update these days. So, in terms of donations, I shall point you towards your favorite charity :)


I'm just writing to say thanks for such a great site, you had me crying with tears of laughter, definitely bookmarking this to find it again, you have debunked each case so thoroughly and humorously. Thanks again,

Joel Hook

Good site, and I love the witty sarcasm you apply to claims of alien abduction, and you've gotten a nice caseload, especially with the Betty Hill case. The fact that Betty Hill was a UFO loon even before her abduction claims is something the UFO enthusiast community has gone to great lengths to hide.It is one of the foundations of UFO Enthusiast nonsense. If this were a game of JENGA, the Betty and Barney Hill case surely would be one of the bottom blocks. However, there are other huge cases in the UFO field I think someone such as yourself would do well against.

For instance:
- The so called Linda Cortile case, written about in UFO enthusiast Budd Hopkins book , "Witnessed" wherein it is claimed Aliens abduct a woman out of her manhattan apartment and is witnessed by the secretary general of the UN at the time and his 2 body guards.

-Whitley Strieber - initially made famous by his claims of alien abduction in his book, "Communion", however his claims became more and more batshit insane as time went on (his book, "The Secret School" being among the most crazy things I have ever read")

-Roswell - The most famous UFO Case by far, thought long ago to be forgotten then resurrected by Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, who also coined the term, "Cosmic water-gate"

-Fire In the Sky - the Travis Walton case of a logged who was allegedly held captive by, as you put it, "Space monsters from beyond the moon" for 5 whole days, before coming back.

All are cases that are part of UFO lore and are ripe to be torn to shreds.


I really found the information on the history of aliens in popular culture very interesting. I've studied the UFO phenomenon for about fifteen years now. I stay away from the mainstream UFO community. The majority of those folks already have made up their minds that aliens are here from Zeta Reticuli, without any real substantial evidence to support that claim. You might find Jacques Vallee's work appealing. Vallee takes a unique approach to studying the phenomenon. Anyway, thanks for the information on the site. It's very useful to my own research.