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The Lost Article

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Equallly frustrating, sometimes good things happen to bad people. Sometimes completely senseless, infuriating things happen, and they usually happen to computers. I'm not saying computers don't make our lives easier - I'm just saying that they also make our lives a lot harder.

Take me, for example. Somehow, I've come into posession of almost a half dozen second-hand, long obsolete computers. Apparently, though, a person with no training or skill in computer repair (me) is totally incapable of taking the parts out of two computers and putting them into a third in order to make it faster. And that's why my last computer died with a whimper, consigning a large amount of data and one nearly finished article to an electronic grave.

Fortunately, my struggle against the paranormal has not gone unnoticed. A team of world-class computer engineers from around the globe toiling on several dozen supercomputers appropriated from the earth's most advanced particle physics laboratories were able to divine where I'd gone wrong: apparently, if one removes all the RAM from a computer one must later reinstall that RAM to get the computer to work again. And as such, the previously mentioned article was salvaged from that terrifying gray realm between worlds where data goes to die.

Look then upon the story of the Gulf Breeze Hoax. Lost to man for nearly half a year due to my stuttering incompetence, it has been resurrected. To view it, click on the photo below. If you don't really get what it is, let me be brief: people report insane garbage floating over their cities every day. Many take these people seriously, and when they report things too absurd to be believed, the argument is that space aliens have purposely made their ships look incomprehensibly bizarre just to ensure anyone who spots them won't be reported. Since this is the case, the UFO community should believe my report of an unidentified flying plate of pancakes just as much as they do the tale of madness that was reported in Gulf Breeze.

Be seeing you.