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Update Log:

This is a list of all the changes I've made to the site, by date. Most recent changes are at the top. Names of articles are links, except old ones in yellow. All dates are in dd/mm/yy format. This page is so that if you come to the site and you're not sure if I've added a new article, you can check here. I figure it will be useful, since they're not in chronological order on the Article Index page.

16/01/11 - Added an article on Dr. Jonathan Reed by a reader's suggestion. I also added a number of nice emails to the Feedback page and updated the Rendlesham Forest hoax with surprising new data!

14/11/10 - I wrote an article by which I am disgusted. But at least I come up with 18 different ways to say "nipple".

14/10/10 - I move to Maryland tomorrow, but I wanted to mention some stylish headwear that I've considered putting together. I also added some reader's feedback to the stories about the Hopkinsville Goblins and the Cottingley Fairies.

14/09/10 - Decided to get off my duff and write an article about the Loveland Frogmen.

18/01/10 - At the suggestion of Stephan Lage, that handsome devil, I looked into the disappearance/murder/kidnapping/space monsterizing of Zygmund Adamski. No, Stephan: you are the best.

07/01/10 - Happy New Year, comrades. Here's to my fifth year destroying faces on the internet. I wrote a new article on the Ilkley Moor Monster. That story is ridiculous. I also cleaned up the contact, FAQ, and about pages. That mess was outdated. Anyway. I am going to try and get back to weekly, or at the very least bi-weekly, updates to this site, insha'allah.

20/11/09 - Hello! I finally finished two new articles: sleep paralysis and ghost humping. I shall hopefully get back into my tradition of wrecking abduction stories ASAP.

11/10/09 - Comrades! If you'd be so kind, please direct your eyes to a letter from me. It promises good things to come!

1/1/09 - Dear me. Finally got my 100th article. Written and uploaded. I really apologise to any faithful readers I may have - since getting back to the US, it's been nothing but hard times. I'll try and be better!

21/08/08 - My, how the time flies. In response to overwhelming pressure from the powerful the ladies lobby, I wrote an article about the recent bumper crop of monsters we've had this summer. It feels good to get back in the space monster saddle. Expect more regular updates when I return to the US in the summer. Also added a few doodads here and there, reader feedback, correcting typos and the like.

20/06/08 - Good lord! Has it really been this long? Anyway, I added an article about the Simonton Pancakes. Also, I think that I edited the page on Betty and Barney Hill a while ago.

26/11/07 - Added an article on Alberto Rosale's humanoid sighting database.

16/11/07 - Sorry for the delay! I have moved to Casablanca, to stay one step ahead of my pending Public Decency charges in South Carolina. I've updated the main article page to include links to articles translated into foreign languages. ONLY the ones in Portugese (translated by Kentaro Mori) and the ones in Danish (Willy Wegner) contacted me ahead of time. The other ones just did it of their own accord. A new, large article is in the works; hopefully by the end of the week.

16/11/07 - Kentaro Mori, a Brazillian skeptic who runs (Open Skepticism) is awesome. He translated an article on the Symmonds Gnomes into Portuguese, so I added links to it. Fantastic!

15/11/07 - Added links to two articles that we already hosted on the site: the story of Issac and the story of Jeff. Both of them are depressing to an unimaginable degree. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I feel like an asshole sitting in my basement reading about UFOs when I'm in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

30/09/07 - Added an article about the case of Herb Shirmer, said to be a classic, major case, but really just a mishmash of UFO folklore and bad movies. This article is all the more awesome since I have posted it from Fes, Morocco.

03/08/07 - Added two articles: one on the unfortunate case of Jeff Greehaw, the other on two spaceships of extremely different sizes. One month from today I will wake up for the first time In Morocco.

24/06/07 - While sitting in my underpants watching cooking shows on public television, I wrote articles on the Hessdalen Lights as well as Britain's Roswell, The Rendlesham Incident.

02/06/07 - Corrected the link to the story of Raymond Shearer and added an article on Alphabiotics. Also, updated the main page to include a link to this one and another 8 quotes to display at the top. Also, added a paragraph to the three goofy space monsters.

10/05/07 - Added the recently-recovered long lost article on the Gulf Breeze Hoax.

1/05/07 - Added two articles - Philadelphia has banned their psychics, and three goofy space monsters were sighted. Also added a links page.

16/04/07 - A whole month since I updated? Ugh. Sorry. Added an article on The Little Devils and fixed a broken link to Octopus Keg Monsters from Space. I also added three Shakespeare quotes to pre-written articles. Think it's pretentious? Don't read it.

11/03/07 - Added articles on the so-called "Baghdad Battery" and a family's harrowing encounter with the Coast Guard, UFOs, and lunatics.

18/02/07 - Added article on The Yowie.

05/02/07 - Added articles on the old lie that Bullets will bounce off of your skin, as well as the apparently awesome 50s-era convention held at Bucky Nelson's farm.

23/01/07 - I was at a conference the last week, plus the winter holidays. But to make up for this, I added two articles: one about Uri Geller and one about the so-called Blue Sense.

21/12/06 - Once again, delays in getting a new article up. Added my article on the Levelland whatniks, and a new one on the Ronnie Hill Photo.

19/11/06 - I apologise for the delay. First, let me mention that I have added three articles, on Psychic Detectives, UFOs in Religion, and How to Tell You've Been Abducted by Space Aliens.

Please allow me take this opportunity both to apologise for the lack of updates, and to defend myself: the reason for my lack of free time is that I was performing my graduate seminar. It's the first official step to getting my PhD. I am now a PhD Candidate, not a PhD student, and I am roughly halfway to being "Dr. Aaron Sakulich." Huzzah!

28/10/06 - Got my lazy ass around to updating the site. That being said, I posted articles on Futuro Homes and Sgt. Moody's story. I also added the old index as a text-only index. Because the Futuro homes story is up, I've taken the pictures down from the miscellaneous index.

On a related note, I've had a hell of a time trying to get a Forum started. My host doesn't seem to agree with MySQL, so I can't use the ol' PHPbb standard.

13/09/06 - As a birthday present to myself, I changed to a new graphics-heavy article index. Let me know what you think, kindly. Alternatively, I have left the old index in place, as a text-only option. In making the new index it has occured to me that there are many dozens of articles that are woefully in need of images.

03/09/06 - Spent my Labor Day writing about Sandra Larson's insane spaceman-toilet paper-mummy monster thing.

27/08/06 - Added articles on Microsoft's secret hatred of Jews, and an article of Stefan Michalak's sighting of, and subsequent burning by, a spaceship. It's a long story, but I think I managed to hit all the big points. Made the pictures on the summer vacation page smaller.

31/07/06 - Added articles on the Yogic Flyers and Gilbert Deya Ministries. Fixed the messed-up dates in the update log. Added a page on my summer vacation.

10/07/06 - Added article on The Fashion Trends of Space People. I like being a smartass. I'm sort of nervous that adding so many photos is a bad idea; yet at the same time, people need to see the ridiculous shit that goes on in the UFO community so that they can realize how insane all of this stuff is.

07/07/06 - Added article on Eric Julien, the Fearmonger.

02/07/06 - Added photos to articles on the Chupacabra, The Nazca Lines, the Pascagoula Creatures, and the Dover Demon. Added some content to demon article. Added content and photos to the Skeptic's Bookshelf.

09/06/06 - Added article on Gnomes sighted by Mrs. Symmonds in 1955.

04/06/06 - Fixed a number of photos that were not properly loading. Added article on What to Do if you are abducted by space aliens.

01/06/06 - Added articles on The Montauk Project, Alternative Medicine, and Truman Bethurum.

07/05/06 - Added article on The Cottingley Fairies and two old April Fool's Day articles, April Fools 2005 and Aprils Fool 2006. Also added images to articles on The Flatwoods Monster, the Drunkards of Ririe, and The Andreasson Abductions.

30/04/06 - Added article on The Cisco Grove Robot. Added reader emails to the end of Killers From Space article. Added a bit to the Hill page.

29/04/06 - Added article on Killers From Space

16/04/06 - Added article on Nostradamus

15/04/06 - Changed the Betty and Barney Hill page. The link from 'articles' now leads to a superpage. It contains the original article, plus links to two off-site articles. Began writing a timeline of Barney Hill's descriptions. Added authentic first-person drawings to the Hopkinsville Goblins page. Started turning action items into links at a recommendation from Karen. Got called an idiot on the Triangle's forums.

09/04/06 - Added an article on the .50 Caliber Controversy. Minor changes around the site in general

05/04/06 - Added an article on The End of the World as We Know it. Moved around the main article index so that UFOs in General and Alien Abductions have their own specific categories.

29/03/06 - Added navigation bars to remaining pages. Added miscellaneous photos to some articles.

27/03/06 - Added images to Andreasson and Jacobs articles. Uploaded article on The Allagash Abductions, which I know was up here before, but seems to have gone missing.

26/03/06 - Added navigation bars to the tops of the pages. Changed body font to size 3. Wrote The Skeptic's Bookshelf, updated the contact page, added one item to the reader's response page, wrote a page about crockpot recipes, and made a half dozen or so minor grammar changes. New front page coming soon.

19/03/06 - Added new articles on Elvis, The Drunkards of Ririe, The Albert Bender Mystery, and one titled ET, God, and Monsters by Will Revis.

18/03/06 - New front page design. Changed from one horizontal picture with 5 boxes to a 3 box row and a 2 box row so as to facilitate viewing on older computers or computers with poor resolution.

17/03/06 - Started keeping track of changes made to the website.