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Friends of the Skeptic

I get most of the information I use in my articles from pro-paranormal sites that don't quite realize how insane their claims sound. I’m not going to link to them mainly because I don’t want to increase their traffic, ad revenues, or accidentally send someone there and turn them into a true believer.

I will, however, recommend the organizations found below. They’ve all got a wealth of information on the ongoing running battle between people who believe in logic and reason and people who believe in space creatures from beyond the moon and spoon-bending phonies.

I apologize if this page isn’t all that fancy. If you’re on here and don’t want to be, or aren’t on here and would like to be, let me know.

Aaron Sakulich
The Iron Skeptic


The Skeptic's Dictionary
Robert T. Carroll's thoroughly researched and cited shot across the bow of the paranormal. More focus on the supernatural but plenty about UFOs, in convenient dictionary format.


The James Randi Educational Foundation
The grand-daddy of them all, the Amazing Randi's website. Focusing on psychics, extraordinary claims, and the like, the ex-magician takes them apart at the joints.


Stop Sylvia Browne!
Actual psychic, or con-artist extraordinaire? A catalogue of the activities of the woman who has refused to take James Randi's challenge, erroneously told him he had a heart condition, has never helped find a missing person, yet still shows up on my TV six days a week.


Interpreting contemporary vision and belief since before I was a dirty joke my father hadn't yet told my mother, this is the home of some of the best-researched and wittiest writing on the inter-tubes-o-net. I especially recommend those by Martin Kottmeyer, to whom I owe a great debt for sending me a pile of files several years ago, egging me on to continue my one-person stand against the insanity some claim come from beyond the stars.

Committe For Skeptical Inquiry
These guys made me an associate member because they liked my articles. They were also the ones that put things into perspective after I wrote an article on Betty and Barney Hill and recieved hundreds of badly-written hate-emails. They're also the only group in the world without a logo; I used this badly photoshopped sepia-toned UFO from "Oregon, 1927". Anyway, they're good people.